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1.      All Pro Street Diesel Trucks must be licensed and insured.
2.      Engines will be restricted to 6 or 8 cylinder compression engines.  All vehicles will be equipped with an O.E.M. engine available in a 1 ton or less from the factory.  The use of compressed fuels will be prohibited.  Dry ice or water introduced into the combustion chamber will be prohibited.
3.      Turbos must bolt directly to the factory style manifold without the use of an adapter plate and must be a factory style turbocharger.  Each vehicle will be equipped with a single turbo only, unless offered as O.E.M. equipment.
4.      All trucks will be equipped with an exhaust system that exits behind the driver’s compartment.  Two 3/8 diameter bolts must be placed in a cross pattern within 1” of each other and as close to the final turbo as practical in the exhaust pipe.
5.      Diesel fuel must not enter the cab.
6.      Dual-wheeled trucks are allowed.
7.      Hitch point is to the rear most point of the truck, rigid in all directions and a maximum of 22” from the top of the hitching device to the ground (See General Rules - Vehicles).  No part of the hitching device to exceed the centre of the rear axle.  No bumper hitches are allowed.
8.      Drive shaft hoops should be installed on all trucks. Drive shaft covers must be constructed of at least ¼ “ steel that will safely contain the “U” joints and the ends of each shaft. All shields must be securely mounted to the vehicle.
9.      All drivers must wear a DOT approved seat belt and DOT approved helmet.
10. The use of traction or ladder bars as a supplement to factory suspension will be permitted.  They must be a minimum of 60” long. There must be a minimum of 1” of suspension travel.  There are to be no limiting straps on any suspension component or blocking of suspensions.  Air bags must not exceed 30 psi.
11. No weights are allowed forward of the truck bed.
12. Tires must be stamped DOT and not cut or shaved in any way.  Tires must be a maximum of 35” in diameter and not to exceed a tread of 14½ “ per tire and a maximum rim width of 14”.  The overall width of the vehicle shall not exceed 96” measured at the tire tread.
13. All trucks must have working brakes on all four wheels.
14. Any changes or modifications of rules will be done with an unanimous vote of the class rep. and 3 elected tech people from the class with the approval of the Executive of COTPA in whole.
15. No truck may hook in two different divisions at the same event.
16. All trucks are subject to a tech inspection at any time during the event by a Track Official.
17. Vehicle weight will be set at 8,200 lb. with a 1% variable.
18. Hitches will remain with the vehicle.  The sharing of hitches is prohibited.  All hitches will be florescent orange in colour.
19. All driver-side windows will remain in the open position before and during the pull.
20. No engine conversions, model to model or brand to brand.
21. No slipper clutches.






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