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NOTE: This Truck Pull is Great Lakes Truck and Tractor Pull, therefore, their rules and guidelines apply to all pullers and trucks

HOOK FEE - Non Member of Great Lakes Truck And Tractor Pull - $10.00 per truck (Please note this fee covers requirements regarding insurance)

Non - Point Classes

6,000 lb 4X4 Trucks - Local - Non - Circuit

1. All 4 x 4 Stock Trucks must be naturally aspirated with a single carburetor and weigh a maximum of 6,600 lbs.

2. Trucks must be street legal, licensed and insured.

3. Headers are allowed. Muffles must be attached.

4. All general track rules apply.

5. Hitch point is to be the rear most point of the truck, rigid in all directions and a maximum of 22 inches from the hitching device to the ground. No part of hitching device to exceed centre of rear axle.

6. Blocks are NOT allowed to make truck suspension rigid. Air shocks not to exceed 30 psi

7. No extra weights are allowed ahead of the box. Only snow plow harness allowed.

S. Stock manifold.

9. Tire size 33 X 10.5 maximum

Heavy Truck Rules - Highway Tractors

1. All trucks must be licensed, insured and highway legal.

2. All track rules apply.

3. No modification to the suspension - chains at your discretion.

4. Highway Tractors

-may not add any additional weights (no crane loaders, skid steer loaders or excess chains,

etc.) before pulling.

5. The maximum heights from the ground to the top of the pivot pin is 50 inches.

6. Highway tractors must be designed to pull trailers.

7. All fifth wheels must hitch without assistance.

8. Fun pulls on Sunday only for the heavy trucks that pulled on Saturday.

Point Classes

5,500 lb Stock 4X4 Trucks

6,000 lb 4X4 Super Stock Trucks

.6,200 lb Modified Trucks

Two Wheel Drive Trucks

Great Lakes Truck and Tractor Pullers Association Rules apply to all 4 classes listed above

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