Memo To: Show & Shine Participants

For the past several years, the Fergus Truck Show has worked towards restricting the number of non-registered vehicles on the Show & Shine field. You will recall, for several years, the statement - “Only “Show & Shine” entries allowed on the “Show & Shine Fields” has been included, on the “Registration Form”, and also on the “Pre-Registration Confirmation”.

Trying to be helpful to our favourite people – “You! The Trucker!”, we have turned our backs and allowed your spouse, parents or friends to deliver supplies (cleaning supplies, food, etc.) to you on the Show & Shine field.

This courtesy places an extra strain on our Volunteers. It also creates potential hazard situations between vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

For the safety and well-being of all, in 2005, the Fergus Truck Show will be enforcing the following policy:

ABSOLUTELY NO non-registered vehicles on Show & Shine Fields at any time!

Please make appropriate arrangements to bring all required weekend supplies with you!

Spouse’s Passes - Each Show & Shine contestant receives a complimentary Fergus Truck

Show weekend gate pass and if required, one for their spouse. Gate passes are required for Admittance to the Show!

- If spouse does NOT accompany you in the truck, please make sure you request, at time of check-in, - “that registration personnel to put your spouse’s weekend gate pass in the “Fergus Truck Show’s ‘Holding’ Box”.

- The Passes, during the weekend, can be picked up at the Main Entrance.

No pass! You Pay! (Sorry explanations or excuses will NOT be accepted)

Everyone is required to have an appropriate Pass to enter and/or re-enter the grounds!

Thank You For Your Cooperation!

Have a great Weekend! Take Care! We Care!