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Show and Shine : 2010 Entry Form

One entry form should be completed for each truck
Incomplete forms will not be processed
All Entries must be licensed (class 45 excepted) and insured
Fields with a red * are required

Licensed Driver/Entrant: Name: *
Entry Type: Owner
Vehicle Information: Truck:
Year *
Make *
Mileage (in kilometers)
Size *
Make *
Mileage (in kilometers)
Company Information: Name: *
City: *
Entrant Address: Street: *
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Please Read

The entrant hereby releases and forever discharges the Fergus Truck Show and its Directors, members and employees from and against all claims of every nature and kind, for injury, losses or damages sustained by the entrant or to his/her person or property and hereby acknowledges that the entrant is solely responsible for his/her own multi-peril and public liability insurance to protect themselves, their employees and their equipment and the entrant hereby agrees to indemnify and reimburse the Fergus Truck Show for any amount paid out and cost incurred by the Fergus Truck Show as a result of any liability claim for which the entrant hereby acknowledges is his/her responsibility. The entrant hereby releases permission for photographs to be taken and used by any party for whom wishes to do so. The entrant is responsible for removing all goods and materials from their area after the "Show" and leaving the space in a clean and orderly manner, as it was prior to the "Show". The entrant will be billed for the removal of goods or materials left behind or for the cleaning or repair of their space. Excessive alcohol consumption, noise or abusive behavior WILL BE grounds for disqualification. Entry fees will not be refunded if disqualified.

Privacy Consent: The entrant hereby consents to the collection, use and distribution of his/her personal information, set out above, by the Fergus Truck Show. The Fergus Truck Show respects your right to privacy. From time to time we may wish to disclose personal information you provided to us, in circumstances when Fergus Truck Show believes it to be in your best interest (i.e. Show & Shine winners list and/or promotions by a Fergus Truck Show co-sponsor/sponsor).

NO - Blowing of Air Horns and/or other excessive noise! Noise will NOT be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification!

NO - Driver and/or Owner/Operator "Wanted" Signs OR "Recruiting" Signs, Sales or Promotions ALLOWED on the Show & Shine Fields! Entrants will be disqualified and signs will be removed by Fergus Truck Show. Please -- Empty Trailers ONLY!

We understand that trucking is your livelihood, however, we would like to ask that you please plan on keeping your truck in the Show and Shine grounds until Sunday at 2pm. Large numbers of people will have paid admission to see your vehicles and due to the size of the crowds, moving trucks during the show may present a danger to spectators.

This is an outdoor event. No Refunds.

I have read the above and agree.

Space is very limited on the grounds this year. We ask that if entering "tractor only" classes that you not bring a trailer as we need to provide parking to as many entrants as possible. Consideration will be given to preregistrations first and all others will be parked as space is available.
Are you coming as...
Tractor Trailer

Entry Fees: First class $53.80 per truck
For each additional class $26.90 per truck up to a maximum of 3 classes
Note: HST is included in the above prices
Classes 1 to 14
  1. Best Working Tractor with Sleeper
2. Best Working Tractor (Day Cab) no sleeper
3. Best Working Cab over Tractor
4. Best 2010 or newer Company Working Tractor
5. Best 2010 or new O/O Working Tractor
6. Best '07 to '09 Company Working Tractor
7. Best '07 to '09 O/O Working Tractor
8. Best '04 to '06 Company Working Tractor
9. Best '04 to '06 O/O Working Tractor
10. Best '01 to '03 Working Tractor
11. Best '98 to '00 Working Tractor
12. Best '95 to '97 Working Tractor
13. Best '90 to '95 Working Tractor
14. Best pre '90 Working Tractor

Classes 15 & 16 - ONLY one may be entered
15. Best Restored Non Working Tractor
16. Best Restored Working Tractor
Classes 17 to 19 - ONLY one may be entered
17. Best Paint Scheme – Straight or Tractor, Straight or Tractor Trailer Combination
18. Best Custom Working Tractor
19. Best Straight or Tractor Trailer Commercial Logo/Design
Classes 20 to 25 - ONLY one may be entered
  Notes about classes 20 to 24:
  - Fleet must be displayed together - no extra space given
  - When choosing the appropriate class below, if your fleet has a mix of vehicles, choose the class that describes the majority of unit types in the fleet.
20. Best Fleet – 3+ Corporate/Private Carrier
21. Best Fleet - 3+ Aggregate or Dump
22. Best Fleet - 3+ Van, Reefer or Curtain-side
23. Best Fleet - 3+ Flat, Float or Chassis
24. Best Fleet - 3+ Tank or Bulk
25. Best Fleet - 3+ Tractor ONLY
Classes 26 to 34 - ONLY one may be entered
26. Best Tractor-Trailer – Van or Reefer
27. Best Tractor-Trailer – Livestock
28. Best Tractor-Trailer – ‘Single Specific’ Purpose (poultry, car hauler, etc)
29. Best Tractor-Trailer or Straight Truck – Feed
30. Best Tractor-Trailer – Tandem - Float, Flat, or Curtain Side
31. Best Tractor-Trailer – Corporate/Private Carrier
32. Best Tractor-Trailer – Tanker
33. Best Tractor-Trailer – Trains (A, B, or C)
34. Best Tractor-Trailer – Dump or Straight Truck with Pup
Classes 35 to 40
  35. Best Straight Truck (no dump or tow trucks)
36. Best Straight Truck - ’Single Specific’ Purpose (cement, roll-off, NO recovery)
37. Best Dump Truck
38. Best Service Vehicle (no dump or tow truck)
39. Best ’Heavy’ Recovery (Tow) Truck
40. Best Light Duty or Medium Duty Recovery or tow
Pickup Classes - ONLY one may be entered
41. Best 2001 or newer Pick-up
42. Best Pre 2000 Pick-up
43. Best Custom Pick-up
44. Best Restored Pick-up
Class 45 - If selected, no other class may be selected
  45. Best Professional Show / Flagship Truck (only class to be entered - vehicles may be unlicensed)
Complimentary Classes - Heavies (sorry no pickups)
  46. Best Displayed Fleet (3+ units – No extra space given)
47. Best Displayed Single Unit (No extra space given)
48. Best Light Show – Single – Judged Saturday 9:30-10:30 pm
49. Best Light Show Fleet – 3+ units – judged Saturday 9:30-10:30 pm
50. Judge's Choice Single
51. Public Choice – 'Best Truck of Show'
52. Better Half Award
How to Enter
  1. Complete this form online and click the Pay By Credit Card below. Your information will be saved in our database and you will be transferred to a secure website for credit card payment.
  2. Complete this form online and click the Pay By Cheque button below. Your information will be saved in our database and you will be informed that your entry has been accepted when you have mailed your cheque to Fergus Truck Show, 13B - 600 Scotland St., Fergus, ON N1M 3W3.
  3. Print out and complete this page. Mail the completed from with your cheque to Fergus Truck Show, 13B - 600 Scotland St., Fergus, ON N1M 3W3.