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Fergus, Ontario, July 23-26, 2009
The Leading Family Entertainment and Trucking Event in North America

Show & Shine Entry Package

Online Registration is now open

By clicking on the link below you will taken to our secure server for Show & Shine preregistration.

Individual Registrations

If you are not part of a fleet, click here to proceed to the online registration form.

$50 to register with one class included, $25 for each additional class.

Fleet Registrations

To enter Show and Shine registration as a fleet, you must obtain a Fleet Code.  To do this you must designate a 'fleet group leader' who will register using the online fleet application form.  When this form is completed correctly, the system will assign a Fleet Code which can then be used by the fleet to register their vehicles.  The fleet group leader must give the Fleet Code to each fleet registrant so they may add their vehicle to the fleet when they register online.

To obtain the Fleet Code, click here for the Fleet Code Application Form.

To register as part of a fleet, click here for the Show and Shine Registration Form.


Company Anniversary

Is your company or the company you work for celebrating a significant anniversary  this year ending in a "0" or a "5" eg. 10th 25th or 100th?

Then why not enter the Fergus Truck Show Anniversary Contest.

This contest offers a great display area for your fleet to display your special anniversary.

Click here for more details